If you encounter this warning while compiling a Windows Form application in Visual Studio:

The service System.Windows.Forms.Design.IEventHandlerService already exists in the service container. Parameter name: serviceType

The solution is not very obvious, and the help provides no guidance.  After a little experimenting, I discovered an easy solution:

  1. Exit Visual Studio.
  2. Open Explorer, and navigate to the folder that contains your project.
  3. Delete the โ€œbinโ€ and โ€œobjโ€ folders.
  4. Restart Visual Studio, load your project and re-compile.  The error should be gone.

This problem occurred when I attempted to inherit a derived Form from a class other than Form.  When I changed it back to once again inherit from Form, the warning appeared.

You need to exit Visual Studio because you cannot delete the folders while the project is open.

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