C# WinForms Form Event Order


Sometimes it’s important to understand the order of events that occur when a WinForms Form is opened, closed, shown or hidden.  There are also a few “gotchas” that are important to know.

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C# Decimal: Literals, Conversions and Formatting


The C# decimal keyword denotes a 128-bit data type.  Compared to floating-point types, the decimal type has a greater precision and a smaller range, which makes it suitable for financial and monetary calculations.

Approximate Range: ±1.0 × 10−28 to ±7.9 × 1028

Precision:  28-29 significant digits

.NET Type:  System.Decimal

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.NET News

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Two social networking news sites have emerged for .NET developers: DotNetKicks and the new .NET Shoutout.  Both sites provide tons of .NET news and information, if you’re willing to spend the time to dig through it all.  But for busy developers, there is a new .NET news site that cuts through all the clutter.  

Dot-Net-News.com provides the latest news and information about the Microsoft .NET development environment including C#, Visual Basic and Visual Studio.  No fluff, no spam, just the facts, man.

Here are some of the latest .NET news stories:

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The Proper Way to Show the Wait Cursor


It’s common UI courtesy to show the Wait cursor when performing a long operation that requires the user to wait.  Here is how the Wait cursor appears in Windows Vista:

Wait cursor

But developers often go about this the wrong way by setting the Cursor.Current property as follows:

Cursor.Current = Cursors.WaitCursor;

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