Microsoft Sets Windows 7 Pricing and Upgrades

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Microsoft Windows 7 Microsoft has announced retail pricing for Windows 7 that includes an option to preorder the operating system at a substantial discount. 

From today through July 11, U.S. consumers can preorder an upgrade from XP or Vista to Windows 7 Home premium for $49 or Windows 7 Professional for $99.  However, XP customers must do a clean installation of Windows 7.

Also starting today, buyers of new PCs with Vista installed will receive a free upgrade to Windows 7 when it becomes available.

Retail boxed copies of Windows 7 go on sale October 22.  Microsoft plans to charge $119 for Home Premium, $199 for Professional, and $219 for Ultimate.

In Europe, the EU’s anti-trust ruling has forced Microsoft to ship a special “E” version with the Internet Explorer web browser removed.  Therefore, the European launch will be delayed, and all users must perform a clean installation, even if purchasing an upgrade.

Early reviews are generally positive and indicate that Windows 7 is much better behaved than Vista was when it was first released.

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IEventHandlerService Already Exists in the Service Container


If you encounter this warning while compiling a Windows Form application in Visual Studio:

The service System.Windows.Forms.Design.IEventHandlerService already exists in the service container. Parameter name: serviceType

The solution is not very obvious, and the help provides no guidance.  After a little experimenting, I discovered an easy solution:

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