Silverlight 3 Released

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Silverlight is a Web application development framework similar to Adobe Flash.  Microsoft has just released Silverlight 3, a major update that delivers many new features including:

  • Hardware graphics acceleration, which lowers CPU usage and enables 1080p HD video over the Web.
  • Support for H.264 video, AAC audio and MPEG-4 content.
  • Smooth media streaming over HTTP.
  • 3D-perspective support that can be used with graphic elements, videos and controls. 
  • New bitmap and pixel APIs, and custom effects.
  • Out-of-Browser support.  Users can safely install Web applications on their computers, create desktop and Start Menu shortcuts.
  • New network detection support to switch between online and offline modes.
  • Automatic update mechanism for applications.
  • Over 100 UI controls with full styling and template customization support.
  • Richer data binding features
  • A new DataForm control enables better master/detail scenarios.
  • SaveFileDialog support.
  • New navigation framework that enables deep-linking and forward/back button integration within the browser. 
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) support so that content within a Silverlight application can be indexed by search engines.
  • Better text rendering and font support (a common complaint that resulted in the loss of a major customer).
  • Better accessibility support.
  • Major updates to Expression Blend and Sketchflow.

Download Silverlight 3
Silverlight Community
Microsoft Silverlight Home Page

Microsoft Community Promise for C# and CLI

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Microsoft is applying its Community Promise to the C# programming language and Common Language Infrastructure (CLI).  This means that anyone can freely build, sell, distribute or use programs with C# and the CLI without signing a license agreement or otherwise communicating to Microsoft.  This applies to all distribution models including open source and GPL.  Under the Community Promise, Microsoft will not assert its Necessary Claims.

In other words, build all you want with C# and .NET, Microsoft won’t sue you for copyright or patent infringement.

Specifically, this announcement applies to the ECMA 334 (C#) and ECMA 335 (CLI) specifications.

“The Community Promise is an excellent vehicle and, in this situation, ensures the best balance of interoperability and flexibility for developers,” said Scott Guthrie, Corporate Vice President for the .NET Developer Platform.