.NET Assembly FAQ – Part 1


Frequently asked questions, some assembly required.

This multi-part article answers common questions about assemblies–the basic building blocks of .NET applications. Some developers may never need to understand assemblies. But if you create shared components, use DLLs or deliver a suite of applications, then it’s essential to understand what .NET assemblies are and how they work.

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Determine the Version of a Loaded .NET Assembly

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Sometimes you need to know which version of an assembly was loaded by your .NET application. The following code snippet makes it easy:

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.NET Magazines Compared


Developers for the Microsoft .NET platform are blessed to have three high-quality .NET magazines available to them: CoDe Component Developer Magazine, MSDN Magazine, and Visual Studio Magazine.

Why would a tech savvy software developer want to read a paper magazine when so much information is available online? Well, some of us “old timers” still appreciate the fresh smell and slick feel of a high-gloss monthly. Also, magazine articles are often produced by professional writers who explain subjects in greater clarity and detail than one may find on the Web. And there are times when a developer may not be connected, such as when riding the train, sitting in a meeting, or eating lunch.

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Visual Studio “Orcas” and .NET 3.5 Beta Available

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Microsoft has released a beta version of the next major release of Visual Studio and the .NET framework.

Visual Studio “Orcas” will enable developers to write programs that can run on Windows Vista, Longhorn Server, Office 2007 and the Web. The .NET Framework v3.5 will provide better support for Web 2.0 and AJAX applications. Microsoft has been planning to release Orcas this year, but a corporate VP recently told ZDNet that it may not happen until 2008.

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